After assistance provided by the Paraná OAB Prisoners’ Defense Chamber, the Paraná Court of Justice (TJ-PR) determined the increase in attorney’s fees set in demeaning amounts in first instance. In one case, the 14th Civil Chamber unanimously accepted the vote of the rapporteur, Judge José Hipólito Xavier da Silva, who ordered the reform of the sentence of R $ 1,500.00 to R $ 50,000.

The judge emphasized in his vote that “the succumbencial fees were set in an amount that does not prove sufficient to remunerate worthily the prosecutor of the winning party”. Read the full text of the Judgment here.

In another decision, the members of the First Civil Chamber of TJ-PR determined, by unanimous vote, the increase in attorney’s fees initially set at R $ 150.00 to R $ 1,500.00 – an increase of 900%. See the full text of the Judgment.

Source: OAB Paraná